#OpenSQLManager OpenSQLManager is an attempt to create an alternative to Navicat that is free and open. It is build with wxPHP, so I'm looking for a way to create normal binaries. [![Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/timw4mail/OpenSQLManager.png)](http://travis-ci.org/timw4mail/OpenSQLManager) ### Pre-configured version of php for windows I've put together this package from the latest wxPHP windows package. It's available in the downloads section. ### How to run: * On Windows: drag the `OpenSQLManager.php` file to the `php.exe` or `php-win.exe` executable in the php package. `php.exe` brings up a DOS console, `php-win.exe` does not. * On Mac: * Install [MacPorts](http://guide.macports.org/#installing) * Install these ports using MacPorts * php5 * php5-iconv * php5-mysql * php5-postgresql * php5-sqlite * php5-ssh2 * Firebird support has to be manually compiled * Compile wxPHP extension * Run via terminal in the OpenSQLManager folder using `php OpenSQLManager.php` ## PHP Requirements * Version 5.4+ * [wxPHP](http://wxphp.org/) PHP Extension * OpenSSL * JSON * PDO * PDO drivers for the databases you wish to use ## Want to Contribute? See [Dev Guide](https://github.com/aviat4ion/OpenSQLManager/blob/master/DEV_README.md) ## Planned Features * CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality * Database table creation and backup The databases currently slated to be supported are: * [Firebird](http://www.firebirdsql.org/) version 2.5+ * [MySQL](http://www.mysql.com/) / [MariaDB](http://mariadb.org/) version 5.1+ * [PostgreSQL](http://www.postgresql.org) version 9.0+ * [SQLite](http://sqlite.org/) version 3+ Plan to implement, not support: * ODBC ## Won't Support Closed source DBs, like Oracle, MSSQL, etc.