# Configuration All user config lives in the `app/config` folder, using [TOML](https://github.com/toml-lang/toml/blob/master/versions/en/toml-v0.4.0.md) files. ## Files ### cache.toml Cache setup * **driver** - the caching backend, one of: `apcu`, `memcached`, `null` (no-caching), or `redis` * **[connection]** - connection information for the selected cache ### config.toml General configuration * **kitsu_username** - The username for your account on [Kitsu](https://kitsu.io) * **whose_list** - Name to show in the header * **show_anime_collection** - Whether to show the collection in the main menu * **use_mal_api** - Whether to use the MyAnimeList API. Make sure to have it setup in `mal.toml` beforehand. * **asset_dir** - The path to the public directory. Normally you won't need to edit this ### database.toml Anime Collection Database Setup * **[collection]** * **type** - database that you are using, one of: `mysql`, `pgsql`, or `sqlite` * **host** - hostname to use to connect to the database, not needed for `sqlite` * **user** - username to connect to database, not needed for `sqlite` * **pass** - password to connect to database, not needed for `sqlite` * **port** - port to connect to database, only needed if using a non-default database port * **database** - the specific database to connect to, not needed for `sqlite` * **file** - `sqlite` only: the database file to use ### mal.toml Settings for using the [MyAnimeList.net](https://myanimelist.net) API * **username** - [MAL](https://myanimelist.net) username * **password** - [MAL](https://myanimelist.net) password