# Anime Collection Setup Because the anime collection can use more than one type of database, the setup is a bit more complex than other features to setup. Unfortunately, at this point, this means putting the database connection information in two places: * `app/config/database.toml` - tells Hummingbird how to connect to the database * `phinx.yml` - tells the Database migration tool how to connect to the database ## Hummingbird Config See [Configuration Page](./configuration#databasetoml) for more information ## Phinx Config 1. Create the config file by running `./vendor/bin/phinx init .` 2. Update the `phinx.yml` file based on the instructions [here](http://docs.phinx.org/en/latest/configuration.html) Example sqlite config: ```yaml paths: migrations: %%PHINX_CONFIG_DIR%%/migrations environments: default_migration_table: phinxlog default_database: development development: adapter: sqlite name: ./anime_collection.sqlite ``` ## Setup steps 1. Create phinx and Hummingbird config files 2. Run the migrations. Based on the example file above, you'd run: `./vendor/bin/phinx migrate -e development` ## Importing Anime: 1. Login 2. Click the `[ Add Item ]` link on the Anime Collection page 3. Enter the name of the anime you wish to add, and select the appropriate search result 4. Save & Repeat as needed